VetTalk is an app that allows veterinarians to talk to their staff and their clients.

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As the son of the veterinarian who owns Islandia Animal Hospital, I was immersed in the business early on. I have experienced, first hand, the hardships and issues that arise when trying to communicate with clients. The only options in the market today are either email, phone calls, or SMS Services (which are expensive!). Veterinarians do not like to give out their personal cellphone number, which means clients have no easy or direct communication to their veterinarian. That's where VetTalk comes into play.

VetTalk allows practice owners to setup a practice page. This page will be the hub of all the communications between your veterinarians and clients. When a client has a question, all they have to do is open the app, choose the veterinarian they want to message and start typing. Through VetTalk you can send both images and videos, along with text. This allows the veterinarian a better idea of what the problem is that the client is trying to convey.

It is also great for a practice owner. An owner will have an easy way to allow veterinarians to talk to clients and share information without needing to call or email. It is quick, direct, and easy.

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